Friday, June 4, 2010

American Cancer Society

Hi everyone just wanted to let you know about a charity I'm really involved in. I been participating in The Relay for Life of Secaucus, NJ for about 3 years now, being that this year I'm a team captain. Basically we try and raise as much money as possible to help the American Cancer Society to do more research, and send cancer patients to their treatment. I will be relaying on June 18th and 19th. What this means is that I will be walking around a track for a cure. The relay goes from 6pm to 6am, showing the different stages cancer patients go through once they are diagnosed. The evening symbolizes the dark times when they get diagnosed and go through the process of getting treatment and dealing with it, the dawn, when the sun is starting to rise symbolizes new hope and also when a patient is in rimition. If you would like to donate even something as little as $5 I would really appreciate it. My personal goal for this year is $1000 and I'm half way there so every little bit would help. Thank you all in advance. To visit my web page please click on the link below.

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