Friday, June 4, 2010


So here are some pictures of another of my hobbies. I started cross stitching a long time ago, before I got addicted to paper crafting. I will be posting two smaller frames that are for sale if you are interested. They are $25 a piece and if you would like one or both please email me at and we will discuss how you will be paying for them and you can send me an address to where I can ship them.

The next frame I'm going to put up was done for my mom. I worked on it for months and I finally finished it and framed it. The picture is not the best because of the glass, but it will give you an idea of the intense labor it took to finish it. Let me know if you like it or any other comments you may have. Thanks for looking it makes me feel good to have my projects displayed even if no one really comes to look at them. Enjoy your weekend. I will try and post more regularly from now on.


  1. Sandra,
    These are really cute, especially the one you are giving your mom. that's truly incredible!

  2. Awsome cross stitched projects Sandra!!! I know how time consuming these can be cards are quicker right!!! Don't stop stitching though!!!